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Irregular Plurals

Feet and Puppies, Thieves and Guppies: What Are Irregular Plurals? - Brian P. Cleary, Brian Gable

I really enjoyed this story. Brian Cleary's series provides an awesome way for students to engage in learning parts of speech while reading fun, entertaining stories.


With this story, I would first define irregular plurals and give examples. Then we would read the story, and I would have students go back through together and find plural words, deciding if they are regular or irregular and dividing them on a graphic organizer.


Grade level: 2-4th

Tippy Toe Chick, Go!

Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! - George Shannon, Laura Dronzek

I read this story to first graders, and it was a cute story that teaches us to be brave no matter what comes our way. Great read for young children, 1-2 grade.


If I were to use this story in my own classroom, I would have my students do a "sequence of events" activity, putting in order the steps the chicks take to get past the dog to their feed. I would also use this story to practice sight words and reading comprehension by asking questions throughout the story.


Reading level: 2nd grade

Me on the Map - Joan Sweeney

I did a practice guided reading with this story, and I thought it was fantastic. This story makes it personal, and more fun to learn about geography and what's on a map.


I would use this story to teach Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade students about streets, cities, states, etc. I would have them do a graphic organizer of their own map. This lesson could also be done at the beginning of the school year as an icebreaker for the students to get to know each other.


Reading Level: 1-2

Ella Sarah Gets Dressed

Ella Sarah Gets Dressed - Margaret Chodos-Irvine, Chodos-Irvine Margaret

I read this story about a year ago for a class presentation. To be honest, it is a cute story, but I think this is more of a "read at home" story. Ella Sarah does teach us to have a fun sense of style and to be ourselves, but some children reading this story would probably get the idea that it is okay to whine and scream until they get their way.


If I were to read this story in my classroom, I would probably read this aloud on one of the first days of Kindergarten. It is a funny read, and at the end I would imply that this is not how we are to act, then discuss classroom behavior rules.


Reading level: 1-2 grade